Hello world!

I’ve decided to blast off into the blogosphere!  I’ve got a long way to go to get this thing up and running, but check back later…and thanks for joining me for the ride!

Here’s my disclaimer: I know that I take personal risk in putting my thoughts out there for all to see, but I do so with the intent of being able to learn (through reflection) and hopefully help others also learn from what I’ve been through (or from my mistakes).  If you find something I’ve said or done that you disagree with, I encourage you to send me a private message with your gentle reproach, and it will be recieved with appreciation.  After all, in Scripture we are told that when someone does wrong against us, we should privately go to speak with them.  It is only after repeated incidences and obvious ignorance that we would enlist the help of a couple others, but still with the intent of being helpful and loving.  The last straw is to go public with the misdeed.  Though the nature of the internet is completely public, I think that it is very easy to drag people down through the mud by forgetting that some things should be handled privately! 

Thank you for stopping by!

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