Meal time! Sunday, Jan. 15th, 2012

It might make absolutely no sense why basically the first thing I’m posting about are the meals that I served today.  Unfortunately, the reasoning behind this is lengthy and is to be dealt with in an entirely separate post…or several.  Just know that I felt that due to circumstances in my life (see my posts on “feeding therapy”) revolving around the topic of food, I thought that it would be helpful to have a bit of extra accountability by being very honest about how meal time looks at my home.

So here you go:

Breakfast was crazy because we had to be at early church–early–for choir practice.  I opted to leave my room after lying awake quite some time with relentless snoring beside me.  Having no alarm clock, I overslept.  So, breakfast was scrambled, albeit no eggs.  The kids had a hodge podge that I’m not even aware of since daddy took over.

Lunch was delish: whole wheat tortellini with chunky garden vegetable marinara sauce (organic), buttered naan or crusty bread and peas.  Child #2 had his naan with pizza sauce and non-dairy cheese.  Two kids helped themselves to a serving of applesauce (which contained a serving of vegetables pureed within), while the other kid had a piece of fruit leather.  I think some of us had cookies for dessert, whether they were homemade monster cookies or Newman-O’s (organic sandwich cookies, basically).

How lunch was recieved: We parents liked it very much.  Child #1 loved the naan and bread and ate her peas.  She gobbled her tortellini but tormented herself for one hour trying to choke down her serving of chunky sauce (I was napping at the time and came out to her in hysterics–calmed her down, and she got it over with…but please note that she was under parental supervision during that time, and that it was self-imposed!  She was determined to eat that sauce no matter how much it grossed her out).  Child #3 never did eat his tortellini or sauce, and may have only licked or nibbled one pea.  He mostly lived off his naan and that applesauce.  I was concerned about the time and didn’t drag out his lunch because I knew he was ready for his nap!  His food was ready and waiting for him in the fridge if he later got hungry (before supper).  Child #2 is, for reasons that will make more sense after I make other posts, not to be expected to eat anything that he isn’t already familiarized with, under the directions of his food therapist (yes, food therapist).  He doesn’t really care for naan, but I wanted him to eat what we were, so I compromised by adding the sauce and cheese to it, which he gobbled up along with his applesauce and Newman-O’s.  He was completely averse to his pea, and it was quite a bit of work just to get him to touch it.  We bounced it once like a basketball on his plate, and that was that.  Sound ridiculous?  Yup…but it’s all part of being a food scientist!

After lunch, I stared at my pot of water that I had boiled the tortellini in and didn’t want to throw it out.  I thought of a bag of frozen chicken drumsticks and decided to throw them in there.  I added the water that I had steamed the peas with, and I cooked those drumsticks until they fell off the bone.  I put the meat back in the pot with a bunch of celery leaves, chopped celery, sliced carrots, potato, green peppers, and some garlic and herb seasoning, and a bay leaf.  Oh, and some dried onions.  I let all that simmer while the kids and I headed off to the YMCA.

It was great to come home to supper all set!  My husband made some grilled cheese (Child #2 recently discovered that he likes this food, which is a big deal!) to go with our soup.  Again, only child #1 actually complied and had her soup.  Child #2 ate his grilled cheese, applesauce, and 7 organic graham sticks.  Child #3 tried his grilled cheese and had his serving size of graham sticks.  Child #1 also had an apple and graham sticks.  There’s PLENTY more soup for Child #3 to have another try with!  I love leftovers–most of the time.  🙂  Now, off to clean up said meal…

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4 Responses to Meal time! Sunday, Jan. 15th, 2012

  1. t says:

    I am going to be a follower. We barely sit down to eat, so I am thinking you did awesome!

    • Shannon, during the day I so often let JJ take his snack or lunch in the living room to eat in front of the TV while I get some things done! I see how much he likes this, though, and he often lets me hear about it when that’s not the plan for breakfast or supper. I think that it’s time to break the habit, and then eventually bring it back just now and then as a treat, but that’s life–a work in progress! 🙂

  2. Shannon says:

    I accidentally typed t then enter instead of back. T=Shannon 🙂

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