Monday, January 16th, 2012

Meals weren’t so fabulous today–just kind of a hodgepodge of this person eating and then that person (mostly meaning my Little One and me, who were on an “off” schedule today for various reasons, such as needing to take a field trip to my school so that I could prep to play for morning chapel between snack and lunch, so I served him a bigger “snack” in case we got back late for lunch and he was tired).

With all the leftovers from yesterday, you’d think that’s what we’d have served up…but no.  As usual, the kid’s lunches were peanut-butter sandwiches or cracker sandwiches (whole grain with sea salt, natural peanut butter, unsweetened), with carrot sticks, applesauce, organic “pop tarts” (whole grain)…that sort of thing.

Anyway, Child #2 wanted to stay after school with his dad (who’s a teacher), which worked out well since I had a couple piano lessons to give at home.  By the time he got home, however, he’d had no snack, it was after 5:00, and he was ready to eat–now.  Having recently finished lessons, I didn’t have supper ready, so I improvised with more peanut butter whole grain crackers–basically a repeat of his lunch.  The other kids had the same, plus steamed green beans and celery (not Child #2–it was all I could do to get him to simply look while I peeled apart a green bean and celery and we talked about some of the things we were seeing (seeds, “vessels”…)  He originally was going to tap the green bean on his teeth, but the wet texture was disgusting him.  He lasted two taps and dropped it, looking a bit green himself.

Child #3 (Little One) did so-so with his vegetables tonight.  He had some green bean and some celery.  There’s more to try again tomorrow (for supper, since he’ll be in child care after preschool lets out).

Wanting to treat/thank my husband, Kevin, for the several late nights of prepping and repainting walls (our house is getting reappraised on Wed.), I decided to surprise him with pizza for supper (he loves pizza).  None of the kids ended up having any since their plates had been filled a bit earlier, but we were all at the table together for the second half of the meal, and then Kevin had to rush off to a meeting at school.  Wait–nevermind!  Child #2 had “tortilla pizza”, as well, which consisted of a whole wheat tortilla with tomato sauce, toasted in a frying pan.  He does better without consuming too much dairy, but I wanted to get a bit of “vegetable” into him, so the tbs. of pizza sauce sufficed.

Let’s see…the kids did have dessert.  Child # 1 had a bowl of Scooperman ice cream, and Child #3 had a small scoop since he’d only done so-so on his veg.  Child #2 had a serving of Newman-O’s (organic sandwich cookies).

This isn’t exciting, but it’s all part of my journey.  I’ll try to get the background story and details about Child #2’s feeding therapy program up soon, and that should shed some light on why I’m bothering with this category of posts.

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