Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

Supper went over pretty well.  I had a cheeseburger pasta mix (your hamburger helper idea, but without the preservatives) and a thawed pound of organic ground beef to use up, so that went together with organic baby spring mix (salad), leftover green beans and peas, and applesauce as the fruit (I’m needing to get to the grocery store for a few things, like fruit).

I could see in Child #1’s eyes that she wasn’t thrilled about the beefy portion of the meal but hardly made a peep, loved her salad and ate up all her veggies, no problem.  I wasn’t surprised about that but I was really proud of her for eating the beef without the ridiculous fussing.

Child #3 didn’t eat all of his peas, but a bit more than half, and I’d given him more than I meant to anyway.

Child #2, per our feeding therapy instructions, was not served the hotdish and was given the alternative to eat up the last whole wheat tortilla with the remaining tomato sauce.  Still very averse to the wet cooked vegetables, the best I could do to get him to touch them was to have him tap the pea on his lip and make exclamation points using the peas and the green beans.  No, you wouldn’t want most kids to play with their food, but he isn’t “most kids”.  If you saw him, you’d know that he didn’t enjoy it, anyway.

Now I’m off to finish cleaning up our meal and head to a church women’s meeting.  We thank God for providing for our bodies with this meal!

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