Does this qualify as a thought on spiritual matters???

I wasn’t home last night since I had attended our church’s Women Serving Christ meeting.  Kevin was tucking in Little One (Child #3) and reading to him about David and Goliath.  He told Little One that Goliath was saying bad words to try to upset the people.  Little One thought about that and then asked, “Did Goliath say ‘toot’?”

I found this story humorous, yet I’m relieved to know that this is the worst possible word he could think of.  We’ve been working hard to help him remember that certain words just don’t need to be said sometimes.  Bathroom words get used in the bathroom!

I do what I can to shelter my kids from “the world.”  I know that they certainly need to be prepared to stand on their own out their someday, but there are just some things they’ll learn about later (I hope) in life, at which time they’ll have the wisdom and discretion they need to handle that information (I pray).  This is why I’m so thankful they haven’t lost interest in what many kids their age consider as “baby” shows.  Now and then I’ll watch a bit of some of the shows with teen and pre-teen actors, and cringe knowing that kids my kids ages are fascinated with them.

It’s been a long week and my brain just quit working, so I’ll come back to this topic another time!

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