The interim period

I call this “the interim period” because I assume that we’ll need to start up another contract to continue getting the help we need on this challenging matter.  After being reminded several times by the therapist that his little body needs lots of time to assimilate and do the developmental work, it didn’t make sense to keep forging ahead, trekking across the state through these sloppy, winter months.

After his last feeding therapy session, the therapist told us that when he resisted her on something, she had tried putting some pressure on him, persisting that he do what she asked.  He wasn’t thrilled, but he did end up compromising to a satisfactory degree.  She told us that we should do the same at home by expecting him to help prepare meals fairly often.  He still is not to be expected to try foods (or even have them on his plate) that aren’t in his “repertoire”, but he needs to continue to be a food scientist.

Let me tell you, it’s like pulling teeth.  He’s just so on edge and snappy by being in the presence of food (even food that he likes can make him worried and agitated).  That doesn’t mean that I should give up!  There are plenty more ways that I could work with him in the kitchen, and numerous opportunities in the course of the week.  I pray that I can be strong and expect this of him more often, and I ask that you might take a moment to pray for me, too.  Hopefully he will be increasingly more receptive about it.  I know that I need to do better and quit letting there be excuses, no matter how valid they can be.  It’s important.  Equip me, dear Lord…I beg you!  And, I trust that you will.  Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

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