Wed., January 18th, 2012

What a day!!!  It was a good one to come home to a bowl of leftover, homemade chicken-and-vegetable soup.  Kevin got home before we did and decided to use up the old loaf of bread by making grilled cheese to go with the soup.  Everyone ate up their grilled cheese!  Little One tried a raisin!  Child #2 was (unsurprisingly) unwilling to experiment much with his soup, so talking about the different components and how the broth sparkled was as far as we got.  I just keep praying that these miniscule steps will pay off in big ways sometime soon.  Patience is a virtue!!!

It’s refreshing to see how different Little One is about food than his older two siblings (especially his brother).  He can be excited to try something new because he feels proud of himself.  We compliment him about his wise choice, and remind him that it’ll help him grow to be a healthy, big boy!  It’s good fun.  I continue to believe that he’s wired differently than they are, orally.  He’s just responded differently from the beginning and never been so emotionally bound by food.  Thank you, Lord!  It’s just a matter of us keeping positive about it, but also expecting that, yes, you will try that!

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