My new favorite tool

I love to exercise.  I really do.  You know that burning feeling deep in your muscles?  It’s a good thing.

Referring to my “Belly Button Blog” posts, when I was starting to pursue the “Lose Your Mummy Tummy” program to correct my diastasis, I first had just checked out the book and realized that I didn’t have all the proper tools–some of them being resistance bands.  While at Target one day I noticed that a 3-pack of bands happened to be slightly reduced, so I bought it.  I didn’t know how to use them, though, and realized later on that the bands weren’t introduced in the Mummy Tummy program until later on.  So, the package sat unopened.

Last weekend my family hit a local library.  While there I skimmed through the free DVD rentals to scope out the workouts and found one that utilized resistance bands.  The workout is called “10 Minute Solution–Tone Trouble Zones”.  I really like it!  The resistance band is a very versatile tool, takes up hardly any room at all, and truly does challenge your muscles!  If you haven’t ever tried one and wouldn’t mind upping the intensity of your moves, consider getting a resistance band!  You may need to find a resource to teach you how to use it (like I did).  There are probably a wealth of online suggestions and other DVD workouts besides the one I borrowed.  Enjoy!

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2 Responses to My new favorite tool

  1. Shannon says:

    I am counting down the days until we get to meet again in the mornings! I think that could “take off” the weeks that you play organ, though… just an idea!

  2. That might be a really smart idea, because some weeks I just have to go practice before Kevin leaves for school. Thanks for thinking of that! I’m really looking forward to meeting up again, too. I haven’t been starting my day with an early workout too often because a certain little 3-year-old keeps trailing behind me, so then I end up tucking myself back in with him!!!

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