The microwave is not a good place to store food overnight

This is my meal post for Friday.  I started reheating some leftovers for supper, but then Kevin came home and suggested that we have some family fun and head out.  We ended up first at Culver’s and then at the YMCA for a bit.

I found said leftovers still in the microwave the next morning–all $6 worth of organic beef of it got dumped in the trash.

After calling myself “stupid” in the presence of my kids, I then got hugs from each family member telling me that they loved me.  What a blessing their forgiveness was.

It took a little bit longer for me to “let it go”.  I got over to church to practice organ and realized that I wasn’t focusing well because I was still feeling frustrated with myself.  Now seeing how unproductive (and foolish) that was, I said my last “sorry for being a poor steward” and gave it up to God.  I thank Him for taking it.

Culver’s was good, though.

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