No, my title isn’t in reference to a Bible passage.  It’s the ratio of children to adults at our local Children’s Museum this morning (from my group, anyway).  What do you get when you take four little boys (ranging from age 2-5) to a very fun place?  Just that: big. time. fun.  And the need for a quick power snooze (at least on the part of the outnumbered adult).

It was my morning to watch a friend’s youngest child while she was at work.  At lunch time I drop him off at the home of my friend/child care provider, and she watches him for the rest of the day.  I had planned to take Little One and his friend to the Children’s Museum and figured that I’d help out my friend by bringing along her youngest and her daycare charge so that she could get some chores done.  The boys did a very good job remembering my rule to stay within my view (I tell them that they have to be able to see me all the time and specify which centers in my area that they can go to).  Mostly, we just do the same things at the same time.  It’s great to see the spark of “getting it” as they experiment and discover.

After the busy-ness of the morning, sitting at the lunch table with Little One felt very quiet, but it was nice.  I watched him eat (his face scrunching up all funny as he chewed), thought how much he looks like his daddy, and tried not to seem too humored by the funny thing after funny thing he would say (“Did you say that one of my grandma’s has a cold?  Does she have boogars and sneezes?”  Oh, the ways a 3-year-old makes ?important? connections about life…).

Soon the next round of kids will arrive and I’ll give a couple piano lessons.  I’m grateful that my husband has agreed to take the boys to the YMCA Kid Zone and do his tutoring there so that I hopefully will have fewer interruptions during the lessons.  I’m REALLY looking forward to that!  I might get a bit spoiled.

I may have been entirely outnumbered this morning, but God lovingly allowed it to go quite smoothly.  For the most part, the boys were agreeable and just had a good time.  With God on my side, I guess I’m never outnumbered, anyway.

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