Monday, January 23rd, 2012

Supper tonight had to squeeze in between at-home piano lessons and my playing organ for church.  I wanted to use up some things from the cupboard and freezer, and I wound up with this surprisingly ok dish: chicken breasts cut in pieces (to stretch it farther), mixed with leftover organic chunky vegetable marinara and organic mac ‘n cheese.  That was paired with organic steamed broccoli which all but Child #2 ate (he had peanut butter organic crackers, applesauce, and…I think a homemade chocolate chip cookie).

I have to mention my favorite snack, though, which I indulged in before starting my piano lessons.  I take organic plain yogurt (nonfat) and throw in organic frozen berries (raspberries, strawberries, and blueberries).  I stir, let them thaw for a few minutes, and…yum.  There’s something about the tartness of the yogurt that just makes you enjoy the berries all that much more.  If only I could get my kids to try this snack, because it’s got some good nutrients!  The bookend children (Child #1 and Little One) love yogurt, but only when it doesn’t have “pieces”, despite how much Child #1 loves fruit.  We’ll work on that, just as I’m hoping that soon I’ll break through with Little One when it comes to fruits.  Now that he’s doing better with vegetables, I’m thinking that soon enough we’ll have him enjoying a variety of fruits.  Tiny bite by tiny bite, and much patience does the trick for this mama!  I have to be grateful for what they do eat rather than focus too much on what they don’t, or I just might lose my mind.  And on that note…

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