What happened to Week 4?

I haven’t done so well with the Tupler Technique for the last couple weeks.  In week 4 you start doing head lifts (which is sort of like a basic crunch except that you must not lift your shoulders off the ground, since doing so doesn’t allow your true “core” muscles to function).

Well, head lifts are not something that you can do while driving, teaching piano lessons, playing organ, substitute teaching, or sitting at the table.  Being that my life has been very occupied with these activities in the past couple weeks, I have not been able to fit in more than a random set of head lifts here or there.  I also have not been getting in all of my sets of “contractions”, which is where you pull your belly button back towards your spine 100 times, several sets in the morning, afternoon, and evening.  I’ve just been too focused on other things.

I’ve also had some days that started so crazy that I didn’t even have a minute to put my splint on, nor did a minute come soon after that…and before I knew it I had gone the whole day without wearing my splint (three times in the past week).

The first day that I didn’t wear it I realized that the bottom of my rib cage was very tender.  I’m pretty sure that I’ve mentioned my difficulty in keeping the splint off of my rib cage, so I guess I wasn’t completely surprised, but I thought that a day or two “off” might be good for my ribs.  I do feel like it was undoing some of my ab work, though, and am determined to get back on track!!!

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