Being more thankful

I’d like to reprogram myself to find more to give thanks about.  Today I’m feeling thankful for my dishwasher!

I’ve had a dishwasher for 9 years now, but I hardly ever used it for the first few years.  In the second half of those years I’ve used it in increasing quantities, but I’ve never used it as much as I have until this year.  It is really, really handy to be able to throw the dishes in there, leave for school, and come home to clean, dry dishes.  This saves me time!  I love that.  I really do enjoy sinking my hands in the warm,  soapy water, too(especially this time of year), but I’m very glad that I have the dishwasher for my busy teaching days.

I’m also really thankful for my basement set-up.  About four years ago I got licensed to provide child care from our home (that license has now expired).  Because we didn’t have a secondary escape route in our basement, I could no longer keep our playroom down there.  We shifted around the bedrooms to use one of them as a playroom, and found it tight fitting the kids’ beds and dressers and toys into the rooms.  Besides, that basement playroom (which is pretty long) was sitting unused.  That room is right beside where our washer/dryer units are, and it just made sense to move all of our clothes down there.

I feel that having our “clothes room” beside our laundry room saves me a lot of time.  When I’m packing for trips, it’s done in a jiffy.  I can “let” laundry pile up a little now and then because when it’s time to get it all done, it goes quickly.   I’m not juggling laundry baskets up and down the steps.  I’m grateful for this!

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2 Responses to Being more thankful

  1. Kevin says:

    Wait til you see our kitchen… 🙂

  2. Shannon says:

    I have always loved the idea of a family clothes room! Wow, you have one… awesome! 🙂

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