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My future kitchen

So, much of the time these days I have kitchen cabinetry, flooring, layouts, and the like on the mind.  It’s necessitated because the seeming reality is that in a matter of weeks, my old kitchen will be yanked from it’s … Continue reading

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Living life through the haze

Today, I simply must ask my readers a question: How many of you live life through the haze of exhaustion? Are you just always tired out? I hope it’s only me–yet, selfishly, it could be slightly comforting to know that I’m … Continue reading

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Admitting it

A couple weeks ago we met with our 6-year-old son’s multi-disciplinary team to go over the results of his triennial review of Special Education services.  When he was three, he was evaluated and diagnosed with High Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder.  … Continue reading

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To all the moms whose kids go crustless…

After years (on and off) of removing and throwing out or eating the crusts myself, I finally figured out a practical tip.  I now keep a ziploc bag in the freezer in which I throw all crusts.  When it’s full, I’m going … Continue reading

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My Children

My children, our life is a journey that began the day God formed you within me, and at that very moment–even before your hands had taken shape–He placed your hand in mine.  This journey that we travel together is one … Continue reading

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Finding cabinets

I’m pretty excited about something around here–and that’s…cabinetry. Mm-hm. Last year I got into a kick of watching a lot of HGTV after we moved a TV into the kitchen.  I’d flip it on when washing dishes, making meals, cleaning … Continue reading

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reverse psychology

You might find this crazy, but I decided that the way to tackle my sons’ sibling strife is to give them more time together.  They are now sharing a room. I think it’s a bit crazy, myself, but the thought … Continue reading

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