what I needed to hear

A few months ago I discovered a blog called, “Raising Arrows”.  Please consider checking out this blog sometime!  Amy from Raising Arrows is an encouraging Christian mom, and I appreciate her very much.

I opened my computer this morning and found some timely encouragement.  You see, yesterday I was very discouraged by the way my boys interact with one another.  They seem to most often be “pushing each other’s buttons”.  It is seemingly far less often that they are building each other up/playing nicely.

Amy’s post this morning was about fostering the sibling relationship, and I believe that God just may have had me in mind when he led Amy to write what she did.  I now feel encouraged to keep working at the boys’ relationship rather than just plain discouraged (and overwhelmed), like yesterday.

Yesterday was a day I’d never want to revisit.  My last morning of subbing went fine and was enjoyable.  I had a nice time at home in the afternoon eating lunch and snuggling in with Little One.  My general achiness and flu-like fatigue has gotten a bit better, though my sore throat has gotten worse.  I even got a great workout at the YMCA yesterday, and treated my kids to fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies.  How was my day so bad?…I won’t even give those in-between episodes another moment in my life by recounting them–but as you can probably guess, they stemmed primarily from sibling strife, and also autism.

But enough of that, and on to more encouragement.  After all, my day could have been much worse, and I do have reasons to give thanks.

In the morning for the past couple years I’ve read a devotion from the book entitled “Together with Jesus” by Richard Lauersdorf.  My devotion this morning was about how when typewriters were used you could only white out your mistakes.  They were covered over, yes, but they were still there–not completely wiped out.  On today’s computers you can hit delete, but sometimes even that information gets stored in a trash file.

If we’re talking about sins rather than typos, we must be certain that our sins haven’t been merely whited out or set aside in a temporary storage.  By Jesus’ blood, they are completely wiped out.  There is no true earthly analogy for this.

I’m so thankful that my sins of yesterday are completely wiped out.  I can’t wipe them from my memory, but believe me–I’m begging God to let me learn from those mistakes and asking Him to mercifully not allow me to repeat them.  I understand that in His almighty wisdom He may answer me with a gentle “no”.

The thing is that when I look back at yesterday, it is my sins that blare out at me, not my kids’.  Their actions were the reason that I got so rattled, but it doesn’t excuse the fact that I got rattled.  That was my fault and my weakness.  I don’t blame them.

I’m so thankful that we have the reassurance of forgiveness.  How could I take another step or wake up to a new day without it?  How could my kids have had a good day despite how upset they saw their mommy at drop-off time without it?  Being at their Christian school, finding reassurance after being humbled with God’s law, they could be spiritually led to the point where my daughter (who was not the major culprit) made me a beautiful card telling me that she was sorry and that she thought that her brothers were, too.  Her love poured out on the page.  In fact, the front cover spells out, “Love is good.”

Love is beyond words!

Lord, I’m asking you to please pull my actions today from my love for those around me!  Let me be like my daughter’s card today–brimming with love, full of brightness and promise, just like each rainbow on her page…thoughtful down to the most minute detail…and just plain sweet.

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