Finding cabinets

I’m pretty excited about something around here–and that’s…cabinetry.


Last year I got into a kick of watching a lot of HGTV after we moved a TV into the kitchen.  I’d flip it on when washing dishes, making meals, cleaning up snacks…and I enjoyed learning more about what makes for optimal resale.  I became a bit obsessed about pinpointing what we could feasibly do to maintain our home for optimal resale, and quickly started feeling like that was just not possible.  It seemed, though, that redoing the kitchen was both smart for resale and sanity.  Let’s say that the layout is a bit strange currently.

We went fairly in-depth through Home Depot and were pretty serious about going ahead with the kitchen when a financial issue arose.  We had been recieving a subsidy for our autistic son and were suddenly told that he hadn’t ever qualified and that we had to pay the money (which had been put to good use) back.  Bye-bye, talk of new kitchen.

Thankfully, that financial issue was finally resolved (after a span of 6 months).  We didn’t go back to talking about the kitchen, though.

Fast-forward to me being asked to teach this year.  The thought of being able to do something substantial that would really make a difference in our family’s every-day functioning and potentially also be a good investment in our home just made sense, so we once again started thinking more seriously about using my income to redo the kitchen.

It turns out that the father of some children I used to provide daycare for builds cabinetry and was willing to offer us a great price to also install it.  We’ve picked out our cabinets and the reality is that in a couple months, I think I’ll have a new kitchen!  What makes me even more excited is that last month we had our house reappraised because we refinanced, and the value came back significantly higher than I had hoped (although still far lower than it was 9 years ago when we bought it).  It surely was noted that the kitchen is not updated, but all indications were that with those updates, the value should at least increase by about what we’d spend–and make it that much more likely that our house could rise above it’s local competitors.

So, after months of contemplating whether or not we should really do this, I now feel really sure about doing this project.  The thought of having to move everything out of the kitchen for a couple weeks makes me panic, so I try not to think about it.  The end result, though just a foggy picture in my mind at this point, is what fills me with excitement!  I’ll have to post a “before” and “after” picture in a few months!

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