Living life through the haze

Today, I simply must ask my readers a question:

How many of you live life through the haze of exhaustion?

Are you just always tired out?

I hope it’s only me–yet, selfishly, it could be slightly comforting to know that I’m not the only one (which I highly doubt).

So, what sorts of measures do you attempt to take so as to combat the ongoing tired-out-iveness?

I know that I suffer when I don’t take the time to workout, and February has been so jam-packed that it’s taken a lot of effort to fit in workouts.  I have, but there have been streaks where they had to be less-than-par and I noticed it–which I am today.

I try to make sleep a priority.  I know that I don’t do well at all when I’m up past 11:00, and that if I’m not in bed before 10:00 I’m going to need a nap.  Who has time for that much sleep?

Caffeine does diddly for me.  In fact, it only gives me insomnia, no matter what time of day I drink it.

I’ve felt very tightly wound about many decisions on my plate lately–and though I’ve been trying to turn them over to the Lord in prayer, I’ve wasted a lot of energy crying out in desperation for him to turn me to Scripture that will show me how to make these decisions.  In the mail the other day, however, I recieved an NPH publication called, “Making Decisions” by David D. Sellnow, and it’s already so helpful to me.  I’m excited to keep studying through it and share my findings with you.

In the meanwhile, I’m looking forward to being able to check off today’s to-do’s and lay my head down on my pillow at the end of the day!  Ah…

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2 Responses to Living life through the haze

  1. I was typing between lessons and ran out of time to mention that I’m sure food also has a role in how energized I feel. As mentioned, I do find that I feel best when I strictly watch my diet and eat as much organic, metabolic-boosting foods as possible. Unfortunately, I could be doing better than I am currently…it’s hard to find the time, but it’s better to make the time so that the many other things keeping you busy get done efficiently (scolding myself, here)!

  2. Jen says:

    Kim Bevill, founder of Gray Matters, did an inservice last Friday with our staff. She was great! She’s done groundbreaking brain research and is an entertaining presenter. You can go to for more information. She is adamant that if adults don’t sleep 8 hours and 15 minutes a night, that we are not living our potential. I’ve been going to bed earlier since hearing that and I feel tons better. I’ve always been a night owl. I’ll email you her link on homework too. Kevin might find it interesting! I signed up for 2 of her classes this spring. Interesting stuff!
    And get your thyroid levels checked, you may need to up your dosage of synthroid.

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