Feeling Silly

Readers, I feel pretty silly about my second-to-last post. 

Why was I asking why I was tired?  Well, maybe I wasn’t asking.  I was starting to assume that it was just a facet of my life, but I wanted to know what the rest of you do to cope with exhaustion.

Well, looking back I can see a number of reasons now why I was so exhausted, and having made a few simple changes could have made a big difference.  One thing was that I had just plain crammed too much into life at that time.  It was easy to think that coming off of a 4-day weekend that I’d be geared up to handle the busy week, but the reality is that with my busy kids home for an extra two days and me wanting to enjoy our time together was that I expended different energy than normal.  Though my husband and I even got to take an overnight day trip (alone, thanks to some kind friends), I didn’t sleep well that night in an unfamiliar place lacking white noise.  On top of that, the day I wrote that post I got up early, taught all day (chased over to church twice during short breaks between lessons), played for two services, and was stressed out that I’d been away from my little one all day and he just wanted to BE with me, so he was naughty during church because he couldn’t come up to the organ by me.  Then there was choir and the kids didn’t get to bed until 9:00.

Duh–you wonder why you were tired?

Then this past Tues. a wonderful lady named Joy from SimplyBloomBlog spoke at my church’s Moms’ group about taking care of your body.  She reminded me how essential it is to drink enough water and how dehydration is a prime factor in daytime fatigue.  That pricked my conscience and I realized that I should be drinking more water, more regularly.  It seems that my body will have to adjust, as I found myself needing to visit the little girls’ room at least once per class period!!!

The other thing that I know I’ve not been good about is taking my vitamins.  Some sources claim that no vitamin will make you feel more energetic, but if your body is depleted, I believe it could have an obvious toll.  I haven’t taken them yet today, but I plan to at supper time.

Also, Joy encouraged us to ask ourselves about each bite, “Does this nourish me?”  Not everything that goes in my mouth is intended to nourish me.  My goal is to increasingly find myself answering “yes” to that question–except for supper tonight, which is a planned family outing to Culver’s.  We’ve been looking forward to this for a couple weeks.  🙂

I don’t generally approve of waiting until tomorrow to start what I know that I should today, but I think sometimes you just have to be realistic.  At any rate, if you’re consistently eating really well (things that are solely intended to nourish you rather than just taste divine), you might find that it doesn’t pay off in the end when you “slip”…and with time, perhaps you’ll just plain make the choice to give up the occasional splurges.  That’s what I’m aiming for–to eat well most of the time, and see if I notice it in how I feel (especially when I didn’t eat well).  Generally, I do notice.  But, I think it’s wise for us to be patient with ourselves.  In light of that, right now I’m just asking myself to make sure to have big servings of a fruit and vegetable with lunch and supper, and to keep things colorful.  Maybe I should go back to posting about meals, because that did help me to plan ahead better and be more creative.

Anyway, I’ve not been feeling so exhausted lately.  I’m trying to say no more often to requests that will force my adrenaline to kick in for extended periods (like last-minute sub teaching requests), because there’s always a negative pay-off–stress–and for me that equates to extra cortisol which goes straight to the belly, which doesn’t need to grow!!!

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