Catching up around here!

Wow–my poor, neglected blog.  You must be wondering if I fell off the face of the earth!

Well, if you look back at my last blog post in which I commented on how I had been making extra visits to the rest room, been feeling pretty tired, and yet ignorantly claiming that my belly did NOT need to grow…can you figure out how off-base I was?  I’m pregnant, and this belly most certainly is growing!  🙂

I purposely was not posting for some time because the only thing I could think about and wanted to talk about was our exciting discovery about a new family member on the way.  We were determined, however, to wait a few weeks to make the announcement, so I found it easier not to tempt myself to spill the beans by even opening up the blog.  Then my middle child wound up in the hospital for over four days.  Then it was Easter vacation and we were resting up and trying to settle back in at home after having been a divided family for so much of a week.  Then it was back to school, which completely depleted whatever little bits of energy I had to begin with.

Needless to say, I’ve been hanging on by a thread!  By God’s grace, though, it’s a very strong strong one.

When I look back on those days when Child #2 was in the hospital, I can only shake my head and marvel that they’re behind us.  Life has moved on.  I needed to be with him as much as possible, but after a period of time, my body just started giving out on me.  At least I could just sit by his bed for the most part which provided rest, and I tried not to worry over the fact that the doctors just couldn’t figure out what was going on with him…but of course it was hard to see my little boy getting poked, with an IV dragged everywhere he went, how pale he was and how little he felt like eating.  Again, though, it’s all behind us.  He’s home, eating up a storm, and seemingly healthy.  We are so thankful.

Then there’s this baby…12 weeks and counting, we pray!  I had my first o.b. appt at just under 8 weeks, but when my doctor was able to pick up baby’s heartbeat she decided that I should schedule an ultrasound to see if baby was a month older than I had thought.  We had heard all of my other kids earlier than she thought we would, so I anticipated that the ultrasound would probably just show my due date a few days earlier than her calculations (because I have an extremely short cycle).  That’s exactly what happened, so we’re looking at Nov. 10th as our EDD!  It was really great to see our little bean with arms and legs growing a few weeks back.  I’m looking forward to my appt. next week, anxious to know that there’s still a little heart beating in there.

As for me, I’m still really tired, but am getting more motivation, bit-by-bit.  If I can get to bed early and sleep until the last second (plus get a few naps a week), I do ok.  I haven’t been too queasy.  I’ve learned that I can feel it start to come on, and if I can eat something and sit back for a while, I’ll be fine.  That means that a lot of things aren’t getting attended to around here, but I’d rather go this route than have my face make friends with the toilet bowl.

We are so thankful that God would give us this chance to be parents again.  When I was pregnant the other times I had very little children.  For instance, when I became pregnant with our second child, our oldest was only about 15 months old.  When our third child was born, our middle child was only about 2 1/2.  Now, our youngest child is already 4 and the others are 6 and 8.  It’s been especially fun to see how excited our 6 year old son is.  I think all the kids are, in their own way, but he likes to talk about baby, ask about baby, read to baby, make projects for baby, and so on.

We have realized, though, that our house already felt too small for the people who live here, and that things need to change if we’re going to be able to manage with yet another person under this roof.  We figure that it makes sense to make some changes rather than just up and move because work would inevitably need to be done to make it sellable, so why not do the work, see if it’s enough for us, and then move only if we’re still too jammed in.

The kitchen project got put on hold, but it’ll be nice to get it done in these warmer months when we can eat outside, grill, and just generally avoid the interior more.  I’m fine with the delay.

The boys are going to have to move from the upstairs down to the other first floor bedroom which we’ve been using for the last couple years.  It’d just be too hard to find room for the crib in that bedroom, but much easier in the bigger upstairs bedroom.  The only delay on making that switch is that I feel the carpet is really worn upstairs and we may as well replace it after moving the boys down.  Little by little I’ve been trying to find space in the basement for their toys.  My goal is that the big furniture pieces will be emptied and waiting for my husband to help me move them when he has the time.  The end of the school year is so busy–for both of us!  I’d like to get out to look at carpet one of these mornings while Little One is at preschool, and my hope is that I can narrow it down to a few choices so that my husband will only have to pop in for a few minutes and say which one it’ll be.  I’d like the bedroom switch to happen sooner than later, because the boys seem unsettled being up there and haven’t been sleeping very well.

The other goal is to address the storage issues in this home.  Part of that process is weeding things out, which is hard to do not knowing if we are having a boy or a girl.  We have considered finding out this time, but we both like the surprise.  Regardless, I can’t continue to save all these clothes and need to get through the tubs, just picking out a weeks’ worth of clothing per size, I think.  But, one thing that would make our home more flexible is to unfortunately let the clothes’ room go.  If we had functional closets in each bedroom, we’d have a nice, big basement room to utilize as a bedroom some day (we’d have to put in an egress window).

The bedroom that our daughter is using doesn’t have a closet–so technically it’s not even really a bedroom.  To add one in there would eat up floor space, but I think that we probably will go that route and just build her a small closet.  We are thinking of future buyers as we weigh these options, and we know how much we personally have wished for a closet in there, and that unless the room would be used as an office, any potential buyer would probably want a closet, too.

The bedroom that we’ve been in (which the boys will move into) has a really big closet.  Unfortunately, it’s not laid out well.  It’s deep on the ends with shelves that you can’t access without shoving clothes aside down the hanging rod.  I’d rather seal off the ends and make those shelves accessible from the room, as a built-in storage unit.  We’ve also considered partitioning off the closet so that some of it is actually accessed from the living room.  There’s no entryway closet, and that might be really nice.  The other option is to also cut into the hallway storage which is a cubby on top and deep drawers on the bottom.  I wouldn’t mind making those be shallower built-in shelves in the hallway and then having the back part of that storage space be accessed from the living room.  We just really need to get a builder in here, spout off our ideas, and see what he can come up with!

That’s not all, though.  Then there’s the upstairs, which technically does have a closet, but we never liked it.  It’s built over the access to our back crawl space and we use that space all the time as an extra play area and toy storage area.  We may leave that set-up once we move back up there, so it was always frustrating to have to shove aside half the clothes (or take them out) so that you could get into the crawl space.  Plus, with the doors that were up there my husband and I couldn’t both be in the closet at the same time.  I’d rather build closets into the other side of the room.  There’s a wide walkway once you come up the steps, and I’d like that whole walkway to be closets and storage.  I think it makes more sense to utilize that storage space in a way that is easily accessible, rather than as a place you have to crawl to retrieve things.  The closet wouldn’t be extremely high with the slope of the roof, but you could easily hang shirts and folded pants.  Again, we’ve got to get somebody in here and help us put this ideas into a concrete form, and get moving!

I think we also might rip the carpet out of our living room.  We’re hopeful that the hardwood dining room floor extends under the carpet, and unless it’s majorly damaged, we’d just use it.  The carpet raises our front door rugs too high and they’re always getting dragged.  I have to reposition them EVERY time somebody come in or out the door, which happens so many times a day since it’s our major entryway.

In other words, we have a lot to do before baby comes, but it’s all exciting.  The whole financial part of it makes me jittery, but we’ll do what we can and ask the Lord to help us prioritize and be good stewards with our resources.  It should be an interesting road ahead!

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