It’s official!

What’s official?  I have a working stove!!!  OK, I haven’t actually used it yet because our church’s Lutheran Girls/Boys Pioneers kicked off the year with a meeting that the whole family was invited to (and they prepared supper for everyone).  Even so, the fridge and the stove made their way back into the kitchen today and everything seems to be in working order.

We’ve so confused our children with all these projects that one of them put the apple juice away in the freezer this morning!  Oops!  Looking forward to things getting “normal” around here…

Tomorrow is a much-needed catch-up day for me.  All of the sanding and moving things for painting left the house quite a mess, and then we needed to do “cooking” in the laundry room, making the washer inaccessible.  So, Little One and I will be at home plugging away at such projects.  What we’ll definitely have to make time for, however, is an outing to the grocery store for supper fixings!  The question is, WHAT should we make?  I’m so out of practice.  I think I’ll just flip open a cookbook and see what pages we land on.

Happy cooking, everyone!  Now if we can just stop walking PAST the fridge into the dining room (where it sat for the last three months)!  🙂

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