Supper plans for Monday, Oct. 1st

It’s been such a fun day (for a third trimester nester)!

With needing to use the laundry room for cooking again this weekend (while the kitchen got mudded, sanded, primed, and painted), I fell behind on the laundry.  So, I’ve been catching up on laundry.  That wasn’t especially fun, but it does feel good to get a bunch of loads done.

The fun part was how I got sidetracked.  I went into our bedroom and decided to rearrange it.  I had to take a few breaks when I felt myself overdoing it, but I kind of like how it’s looking.   The room feels bigger with how I positioned the bed, although one side will be tricky to get in and out of.  We’ll have to give it a trial run.

Then, since our dining room is emptied out now (with the stove and fridge being in the kitchen again), I decided to bring the dining room chairs and bench out of storage in the attic crawl space.  I didn’t want to scratch up the floors, though, and wasn’t sure what the plan was for replacing the old felt pads–so I got creative.  I found a bunch of newborn-sized socks and put those on the chair legs.  It might look a little silly, but it’s going to do the job for now!  I doubt that we’ll get the table set back up today since it’s a really busy evening (I have an after school piano lesson to give, so the two big kids are going to stay in their daddy’s classroom for a snack and homework, then they’ll come home and eat an early supper and get their suits on, after which we’ll take them to the YMCA for their swimming lessons, during which my husband will get picked up after the second lesson starts to go to a Parent Teacher Group meeting…)

Anyway, what with the busy day, I have not yet made it to the grocery store.  I had picked up some dried tortellini stuffed with eggplant, zucchini, and one other healthy ingredient (which isn’t coming to mind), and I have an open jar of organic tomato/veggie sauce that needs to get used up, so I plan to enjoy boiling water on my stovetop for the first time in THREE MONTHS to make tortellini for supper!  We’ll add to that some frozen vegetables (more boiling water–thank you, stove top!) and some toasted bread buttered and with garlic, and that’ll do.  I know that this evening will feel really tight and hectic, so at least most of that will cook itself while I’m giving the lesson and then overseeing getting everybody ready to get out the door.

In the meanwhile, it’s probably time to actually get ready for the day and maybe put my feet up for a little while before school lets out.  Baby hasn’t been moving much today (probably since I have been so much), and though I know he had the hiccups an hour or so ago, I’d like to kick back and just count movements for a while.

Anyway, someone recently reminded me that my original intent in blogging was to use this Meal Time category for accountability–so that I would make more effort to plan ahead for meals and prepare balanced meals.  Since starting the blog, I realized that I didn’t NEED the blog for accountability, as I care enough about my family’s wellbeing to just do these things anyway, and that I shouldn’t feel the need to seek out the approval or accountability of others.   Even so, you may see more meal time posts again, for fun.  I love to write and will take pretty much any excuse to have something to write about!  🙂

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  1. The third ingredient in the tortellini was bell pepper, and I really liked this noodle! I was sort of afraid that it might be gross, but I didn’t like it any less than the cheese-stuffed kind, and my daughter gobbled hers up, too.

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