Another step in the kitchen

Last night the handles went on our kitchen cabinets and drawers!  They look great and we can finally stop grabbing at the wrong side of the cabinets!  🙂  Also, the little countertop went on, as did the “bridge” above the sink window.  We picked out our crown molding and confirmed what we want for the window trim and baseboards.  Originally I had wanted to keep continuity with the rest of the house by using white trim/baseboards, but I think it will look funny in the kitchen with all the natural wood tone and therefore opted for the clear-coated ash wood.

With all the leftover tortellini, there was no need to make any new meals yesterday.  Besides, I saved the water that I had steamed the vegetables with and had boiled the tortellini in.  I bought some chicken and plan to use that leftover water to make some chicken noodle soup.  A dear lady from church asked if she could bring us supper tonight, so I think I’ll probably just put the chicken noodle soup straight into the freezer for a post-baby meal.

Today I’ll have to vacuum out the drawers and cabinets.  They got full of sawdust when the handles went on!

We have a few more items to buy before the big birthday bash tomorrow, but Little One and I hit Aldi yesterday morning to stock up on more fun party items.  We are getting so excited!  Not only will the birthday be fun, but Little One has a field trip to the apple orchard in the afternoon, which I get to attend.

Meanwhile, I’m trying to find at least a little time these days to prepare for church services this weekend.  I’m also trying to come up with some fun ways to use the days next week when the kids are off school (and their daddy is out of town) for Teachers’ Conference.  Baby has really been pushing and pulling and causing painful cramping, but I’m resolved to continue feeling this way–we don’t want him to come yet!  Especially not this week while Doc is out of the country, and not next week when Daddy is a three-hour drive from home!

Time to tear a couple kiddos away from their birthday poster project and send them down the sidewalk to school…

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