Supper tonight (Sunday, Oct. 7th)

Mmm…I have fond memories of tonight’s supper.  🙂

After completing playing for two church services, I was wiped out.  Last night was NOT restful.  My thoughtful husband decided to take our kids over to his classroom with movies they had checked out from the library the other day.  They spent four hours over there while I napped for about two.  I slept hard and woke up feeling much better–then used the remainder of my time reviewing the material in my prenatal hospital binder and filling out the preregistration paperwork.

By the time they got home I still hadn’t finished my “studies”…so supper got late.  I peeled the apples Little One and I bought at the apple orchard and made a batch of homemade applesauce.  It was way too good!!!

While that was cooking/cooling, I finally got around to the homemade chicken noodle soup.  I decided to cook the chicken in some grapeseed oil and then cubed it, adding it to the vegetable tortellini/steamed mixed veggie water (from a few days ago).  I chopped up the leftover raw veggies from the birthday bash, tossed in some seasoning and eventually a couple handfuls of whole wheat “egg” noodles.  We added to the applesauce and the soup some breadsticks.  Yum.  Two of my applesauce lovers didn’t care for my homemade variety (probably just because it was still so warm), but I wasn’t sad–more for me!

It was a nice week of eating leftovers, and now there’s plenty of leftover soup for tomorrow.  That’s helpful, though, because I add a second piano lesson after school and am left with very little time to get everyone fed and out the door to swimming lessons.  Add to that the fact that I will get dropped off at church once the second swim lesson has started, so we’ll all be getting home right at bedtime (when the service has ended).  I have a butternut squash to use, so I’m hoping to prep that to bake while I’m teaching so that supper is ready to go as soon as that second piano lesson ends (and the student gets picked up).

Much to Little One’s immense joy, I found time between organ practice sessions yesterday to turn three very brown bananas into banana bread–so we’ve been fitting that into meals, too.

We have two days yet to enjoy the company of “Daddy”, and then he’ll be off to the southern part of the state for teachers’ conference.  We’re praying hard for baby NOT to come yet!  I still have a good month until my due date anyway.  The kids and I have been busy planning how we’ll fill the days without school–swimming at the YMCA, hopefully getting back to the apple orchard to use our free entry pass (acquired at the field trip), parks if the weather is appropriate, the Children’s Museum if it’s not (and maybe even if it is), and one meal is promised at a restaurant with a play place.  It should be lots of fun, and hopefully I can keep up with them, and fit plenty of baby preparations in between it all!  🙂

On that note, I had better get to bed.  God’s blessings on YOUR week!

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