Another day, another task

I felt quite productive yesterday.  It helps when you can tangibly SEE results!

I worked hard in our “clothes room”–which is basically a basement room adjoined to our laundry room which we’ve purposed as a family closet.  As much as I’ve contemplated turning that room back into a play area (like it was before I did daycare, and when our oldest two kids were very small), being that only one bedroom has a closet and none of them have much floor space for dressers, it makes sense to leave the set-up as is.  Besides, it really is convenient in many aspects.  Putting laundry away takes hardly any time at all, packing for trips is a breeze, and when it’s time to switch out clothes, I have big shelves right in the room that hold the off-season tubs.  My kids could care less about picking out their own clothes and I could care less about picking them out for them, so I’ll just take a minute to grab stuff and set them in their bedrooms for the day.  No big deal.  Sometimes they will pick out their own stuff the night before and bring it up to put on in the morning.  It works!

BUT, with using that room to store kitchen things over the summer (and to eat in there for a few weeks), the room really started having issues.  When I needed to get out the summer clothes, I couldn’t really put away the winter clothes (because the shelf space was already occupied).  The moral of the story is that this room needed HELP.  Plus, now that the weather is pretty consistently cool (at least not shorts weather) it was time to do more clothes swapping.  I spent a large portion of the day organizing and labeling tubs as well as tidying up drawers and hanging bars.  It’s not done, but is much better!

The next project on the agenda can’t really be done without help.  For quite some time we’ve contemplated bringing our futon into our daughter’s bedroom and having her use it as her bed.  Though we’d have to pack away her bed (which seems silly), it would free up most of that basement family room for the use of the kids.  Company could use her bedroom when they come, and she can camp out on either of our two couches or have a sleepover in her brother’s room.  Plus, being that we have an Aerobed, there’d be plenty of floor space available in that family room for the rare times when we have so much company that we need the extra sleeping space.

It’d be nice if we could get her single bed disassembled and the futon in her room before my husband leaves tomorrow morning for his conference, because then the kids and I could work at organizing the play room while he’s gone.  It’d be a good project for us.

While I don’t mind the kids having toys in their bedrooms, I have found that they are becoming increasingly segregated.  The boys play together and our daughter is often left out.  She has neighborhood friends to keep busy with, but I treasure the sibling relationship and just want a nice place that’s big enough for them to all be together.  Since we have all the seating space in our living room now, there’s not as big of a need for a second place for us all to gather, and I’m finally willing to let the family room go and try out that space solely as a play room.  Our exercise machine will have to stay down there, but it’s kind of nice to jump on there while supervising the kids or use it in the evenings while watching TV.

I haven’t been able to fully clear that room out of kitchen things (the last cabinet is not yet done), so if the futon doesn’t get moved tonight it’s probably just as well.  It sounds like we have plenty of things to fill the evening (blood work for Child #2, errands, and a meeting at school for my husband).

I’m just thankful that, for the moment, baby seems to have settled down.  I woke up feeling like he wasn’t going to “let” his daddy get to that conference, after all!  We still have a month to go and I’d really like to make it at least a couple more weeks!

The exciting thing yesterday was that my husband touched base with the father of one of his students (who is a builder/contractor) and talked to him about putting an entry closet into our living room.  We were told that it’d be an easy job and that he could come take a look at the space!  Now, easy doesn’t mean that it won’t be messy–and I’m not sure how much mess I can deal with yet before baby when I’m so committed to getting everything squared away…but the truth is that the big closet on the other side of that wall isn’t getting used well, and if we could split it up between the boys’ bedroom and the living room, I think our house would function that much better for us.  I can’t wait to see what he thinks of the project (and what it might cost).

Soon, though, I’ll start adding pictures of these projects to my blog posts.  I’m not very techy and am hoping that maybe when my husband gets back this weekend that he’ll be able to help me out with that.  You’ve all been so patient and I appreciate it!

So, it may just be another day with another set of tasks, but I thank God for the excitement in my heart about what I can accomplish.  It may not ever be the ideal amount (or done in the ideal way), but I tell myself to make the most of the time and ability I have to thank God for these blessings around me–to make a nice home for my family (my biggest earthly blessings), and as a small way to “serve”, as Jesus so humbly demonstrated for us.  To God be the glory–great things He has done!

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