Shaping up around here (in different ways)

Ahh…you’ve got to love a productive day!  I’ve probably accomplished more of my house goals this morning than I did all last week.  I worked hard refiguring the layout of our basement play room (which used to be a family room) as well as the boys’ bedroom, moving more of the toys from their room to the basement (they have a hard time keeping the room tidy when there’s too much in there!).

There’s still work to do in our daughter’s bedroom (since having swapped out her twin bed for a full-sized).  We want her room to be ready to go for company–which it sounds like we’ll get once baby shows up.  She’s done a pretty great job refiguring her room since bringing in the bigger bed, but I’d like to help her move a couple toys down into the play room so that we can find enough space to bring in a desk that we picked up from the side of the road (somebody’s trash is somebody else’s treasure)!  We’re working at making her space suited for a bigger girl, now that she’s almost a “tween”.

For whatever reason, I couldn’t sleep last night between 12:00 and 3:00 a.m., so despite that I’ve had a burst of energy today, it seems wise to lie down for a bit now before my two after-school piano lessons happen (which will be followed by the crazy hour feeding the kids and getting them ready for their swimming lessons).

Anyway, if I could give ANY advice whatsoever to pregnant mama’s, it’d be to find time to exercise–even at the end when you feel so cumbersome!  It truly will help those aches and pains!  I keep it low-intensity (for the most part these days I’m water walking in a shallow pool or doing a pregnancy aerobics video), but I always feel so much better when I’ve finished–and so much more uncomfortable, tired, and emotional when I’ve skipped it.  We may not feel like we’re “shaping up”, but the benefits have to exist–if only in feeling a bit better!

Thank you, Lord, for a productive day!

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