We made it!

We are so relieved that the baby didn’t come this week while the family patriarch was away from home for his teachers’ conference!  We are very glad to have “Daddy” back home again.

I had my 36-week check yesterday and everything looks good.  Despite how uncomfortable I’ve been, there’s no indication of anything looming.  I suppose that doesn’t mean things couldn’t start up, but it appears that we still have the entire road ahead of us.  At any rate, it was VERY exciting that I was in and out of the doctor’s office in an hour!  Normally I’ve sat there for at least 2, if not 3 hours!

It’s just crazy to think that we are this close to baby’s birth!  It’s not that I don’t “feel” like it’s time…but the reality of it all is another thing.  Soon, after 4 1/2 years, we will have a tiny little person around here again!!!  What a change this will be!  I’m praying that this labor will be at least slightly shorter than the others…but ultimately just keep envisioning the end result–this baby boy in our arms, getting to see his face and count his fingers and toes and introduce him to the rest of the family.  🙂

I didn’t accomplish too much during the week while my husband was away, but the goal was to stay as well-rested as possible, keep things low-key without letting things fall apart, and do some fun and special things with the kiddos.  I would say that we accomplished that much.  So, it’ll be back at the goals next week with the kids at their normal school schedule.  I have plenty to organize for baby, hospital bags to pack, and still many places around the house that can use organization and cleaning.  Now that I’ll be seeing the doctor every week, I have a feeling that the days until baby’s birth will just fly by!  Thankfully I have no major personal commitments (such as playing for church or substitute teaching) scheduled, and can just focus on family things.  I’ll keep you posted if anything happens–like the kitchen getting finished!…?

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