37 weeks!

I officially am now carrying a full-term baby!  It’s wonderful to be able to say, “Any time now!”

Admittedly, I’m hoping for at LEAST another week–but even better would be somewhere in week 39.  I’m praying not to go over 40 weeks and I’m praying to avoid the second-half of next week, because apparently my dr. is going to be away.

The appointment yesterday wasn’t so fun.  I sat in the lobby for nearly two hours, saw the dr. for all of 5 minutes, was told I needed a flu shot for the last three weeks of pregnancy (which I opted out of after sitting there waiting for the nurse for 10 minutes) and left, having missed a much-needed nap.  Then I found out that the dr. is gone at my 38-week mark and I have to come back already after 4 days!  Maybe a baby will come this weekend and there won’t be a need…although I certainly am not “ready”!

I DID start packing a hospital bag today.  I have been feeling awfully “funny” the past few days.  I have not had major contractions but fairly often notice some decent Braxton Hicks.

At any rate, I think I’ll throw in a load of laundry and put my feet up for some rest this afternoon.  With the weekend coming and all the busy people about to be around more often, I think my family will thank me for having caught the extra rest.

Sooooo looking forward to meeting you, Baby!

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