the “end” IS near

Why am I up already?

I hit that point where my hips and ribs weren’t satisfied by the old cumbersome flip-and-reposition pillow routine.  Everything hurt and I needed to just plain get out of bed!  While I’d love to get a bit more sleep before everyone gets up, I am thankful that I at least didn’t have any bouts of insomnia last night.  When I’d get up, it was: use bathroom, get back in bed, lay on opposite side, position pillow, fall asleep.  I’ll take it–for now!

If I seem quiet in person, please don’t take it personally.  I am probably praying continually.  My prayers are combinations of the following:

Please sustain me, Lord.

Please ease my physicial discomfort.

Please lavish patience on me.

Please don’t let him be getting huge in there right now.

Grant me rest, please, Lord!

If it is Your will, may he come soon!  Regardless, just HELP me in the meanwhile!

The truth is that I’m floundering.  I almost always am extremely uncomfortable, whether I’m lying down, sitting, or standing.  I have tried to keep up my exercise routine, and it certainly does help things unkink, but I don’t have the energy to repeat the routine every time I get all kinked up.  So, I pray.  The fact is that I could potentially have 4 weeks left before this baby arrives, and the only one who can truly help me is my heavenly Father.  Sure, it’s wonderful when my husband does things like when he sent the three kids outside to help him rake the yard…or when he sweeps so that I don’t have to bend over…and I really appreciate it!

But, I cry out to the Lord in my distress.  Yes, I am distressed.  I want to enjoy the last moments of this pregnancy (and I’m asking Him to help me with that, too), but He certainly seems to be asking me to call upon Him right now…and I just keep thinking of the rest of His promise to “deliver you and you will honor Him.”  Yes, please…deliver me!  Or this baby!  🙂

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