Pregnancy Workouts

Well, last night my theory that my insomnia is induced by caffeine was proved wrong.  I didn’t have caffeine yesterday, but I sure was wide awake from about 1:00-3:30 a.m.  Ugh.  I am hoping that the sun comes out and helps perk me up!

In the meanwhile, there’s nothing like some exercise to help boost things along.  I just finished up a “workout” and was inspired to pass along the names of the programs I use.  My favorite one to use (particularly as I’ve gotten more cumbersome into the 2nd and 3rd trimesters) is Denise Austin’s Pregnancy Plus Workout.  This is an old VHS that I think I picked up at a thrift store back in my first pregnancy.  She is so upbeat and knows which muscles to utilize so that you finish up just feeling all loose and good.  This video also has a postnatal workout, and I have found in my previous pregnancies that it was low-intensity enough that I could do it before my 6-week check, and that it helped me regain the strength to pick up higher intensity workouts after 6-weeks.

The one I did today is another old VHS, and I think I found this one at a garage sale.  It’s called “Redbook Pregnancy” and is another lower-intensity aerobic workout that uses just the right body parts to finish up feeling much better than you started.

The last workout that I occasionally use is a 2-DVD set by Gabrielle Reece.  It’s called “The Complete Fit & Healthy Pregnancy workout” (this DVD was a major score at Goodwill for $1).  This is a really thorough program.  There’s a warm-up and cool down to go along with each trimester, plus a specific workout for each month of pregnancy.  Also, there’s a postnatal workout on the second DVD.  These prenatal workouts have been more awkward and challenging for me because I didn’t start them in the kind of shape that I normally am, having gotten really wiped out those first couple months of pregnancy.  Still, I’ve tried to do them periodically and always feel the results.  I will probably turn to the postnatal workout portion of this DVD at the 6-week mark and use Denise Austin’s (plus light walking) from weeks 2-6.

Now I need to get Little One and myself ready for my chiropractor appt…another thing to help me feel better today!  Actually, yesterday was, for the most part, not such a pain-filled day.  Thank you, Jesus!

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