I am so thankful that our oldest son hasn’t been sick in a while.  He got sick right after we got back from the new clinic, at which time our family dr. recommended that his tonsils be removed.  I’ve been vigilant about having our son take his liquid vitamin (which has an immune support) as well as a near-daily dosage of his new probiotic.  We were also asked to get him on 1600 IU of Vitamin D3, but we stalled on that, having a hard time finding 1600.  Finally, I decided just to go as near to it as I could, so I recently bought a twin pack of 1000 IU gel capsules, which I snip open and squeeze into his food.  Buy the time they leak all over my finger and inevitably don’t empty entirely, I figure it’s close enough to 1600 IU.  Anyway, he looks healthier to me, as far as his coloring goes, and I fall asleep each night praying that he won’t wake up sick the next day!

Speaking of the next day, tomorrow we are scheduled to take him back for the results of his masses of blood work.  I am eager and a bit intimidated to get those results–simply because if food allergies/sensitivities are exposed, it will mean even more drastic changes at meal time for this family.  Even so, if it means getting him healthy (and possibly eradicating some of the “addictive” food patterns he’s had for most of his life), I’m all for it.  The timing is just tricky, with Baby due any day!

Actually, though, we were playing back what the dr. said at the last appt. and think she may have said that our son didn’t even need to be at this appointment.  If that’s the case, I’m hopeful that maybe WE don’t have to be there either.  Could we possibly just talk on the phone?  My husband does have a substitute teacher lined up for the day, but the thought of three hours in the car (which proves very uncomfortable these days–as does existing, in general), knowing that I could potentially go in labor, and just saving the time is very appealing.  The office opens soon and I plan to call and propose the phone appointment.  The truth is that I just plain want to have this baby, and am hopeful that I’ll be in labor and not able to go to the appointment, but I also don’t want to delay getting the results.  Hopefully we’ll get an answer soon…

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