Life is one big, fat OUCH right now.  Baby needs to come!!!!!!!

If my pregnancy discomforts weren’t enough, I now seem to be a hazard to myself, having apparently lost my self-awareness and balance.  Yesterday at breakfast I got distracted (while disciplining someone) and smashed my little toe on a chair leg.  Wow, is it pretty shades of pink and purple!  It hurts a lot, but I don’t think I broke it.  I CAN bend it, but that doesn’t feel good.

When even lying down is painful, you know it’s got to be getting close to being time.  That might mean another two weeks or so yet (depending on how long dr. lets me go  over), but in comparison to the 38 (almost 39) weeks that we’ve made it through already it’s not bad.  🙂  Thank you, Lord, and please comfort and sustain me!

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