My G.F. kid

We had an interesting follow-up appointment yesterday!  Some things were not such a surprise, but others were…and it’s all taking some time to process and absorb.

One thing that I had been suspicious of (because it seems to run in my family) is that our son has trouble with gluten, and that turned out to be true.  He is quite reactive to gluten, and it’s now out of his diet.  The one food that I was NOT expecting to be a problem for him are peanuts, which was a big disappointment since being able to put peanut butter on any gluten-free bread or crackers probably would have helped him transition better.  Now we have to transition what kind of spread he uses, also.

We got back in town in time to get the kids from school, so when I got back with the older two we sat down and had a talk about how his eating needs to change.  He had a few questions but was very positive about it all, and eager to get to the grocery store to stock up on gluten-free foods (first we had to wait for Little One and Daddy to get back from the preschool pick-up).

Just he and I went shopping, and he was really chatty, clearly enjoying the one-on-one time and the opportunity to fill up the shopping cart.  We picked out a couple different kinds of crackers, some pretzels, some chips and natural “cheetos”, a loaf of g.f. bread, two different kinds of sandwich cookies, and he selected sunflower seed butter as a replacement for peanut butter (he had tasted it before in food therapy).  We also picked up a box of frozen g.f. pizza crusts since supper was going to be squeezed in before our school book fair closed for the night (and we therefore needed a quick solution).  He had a few small slices of the pizza for supper (and thought it was pretty good), as well as sampling many of the other items we’d purchased to see what was good already and what needed some “getting used to”.  Most everything needs some getting used to, but I’m thankful to say that he’s not being starved at this point!

I also picked up a big package of a baking mix.  I plan to figure out making this on my own eventually, but decided that for now (jumping into this) and not knowing when Baby will decide to show up that I had better just have some handy options.  We should be able to make pancakes, cookies, and our own pizza crusts out of this mix, to name a few.

There was much more discovered, such as some significant deficiencies that he has which we will have to supplement for.  We’re not exactly sure why his body is doing what it is, but at least we know now where it’s lacking and how we can support it.  Surprisingly, rather than having a weakened immune system, he has an over-active immune system (which is attacking his cells and breaking down their membranes).

Still, the dr. was encouraged that it’s been 5 + weeks of “health” for him, which means that we need to keep being so vigilant with his probiotic, Vitamin D3, and liquid multi.  Meanwhile, we’re praying that his upbeat attitude continues (breakfast was a bit harder today when he discovered that he does NOT like the sunbutter or his gluten-free bread) and that he’ll do as well with his host of new supplements as he’s done with the few I just mentioned.

I’ve heard him say several time in the past half-day that he’s “the boy whose life changed yesterday”, and that’s certainly true.  God has a plan for him in this, and it will be for his eternal good.  We praise Him!

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