The last cabinet

While I can’t make the big announcement of Baby’s arrival, I can say that yesterday the last kitchen cabinet went in!  The kitchen isn’t done, but it is THAT much closer to being so.  🙂

The refrigerator side looks great!  We need a few handles put on, some trim, baseboards, and the last of one window casing.  Then all we have to do is line the drawers (I use a Contact paper product that is translucent and textured, but neither sticky nor grippy, as I’ve found those damage coated wooden surfaces) and fill them up.  While I’ve been hesitant to hope that any particular event happens before Baby comes (I’ll take his birth a.s.a.p), it’d hardly hurt to have had the time to organize the kitchen (and get everything spread across the house back in it) before he comes.  Inevitably, that will happen.

I know–still no pictures.  I think I’m holding out for this whole thing to really be done.  Though you can certainly track the progress in the pictures we’ve taken, you won’t get the full affect until it’s all done and we can stop storing things on the countertop because they all fit in the cabinets.  When that happens, I’ll let you see!  After going through this long process for the last half year (almost), I just want it to be obvious WHY we did this–not only to update the house and increase the value of our home, but more so to adapt the functionality to OUR needs (and a big part of that was not having enough functional cabinet storage for our things, and the countertops being forever cluttered).

The bummer yesterday was that our oldest son woke up sick.  I saw it coming because the night before he had been cold and said that his head hurt.  The only obvious symptoms so far are the headache, fever, and nausea, but his throat might be contributing to it.  We got our hands on some Manuka honey (it was recommended by his new dr.) but weren’t able to teach him how to gargle salt water (her other recommendation) before he got sick…so I anticipate that we might end up having to take him in for an antibiotic.  I’m not convinced that the tonsils should stay in there since they turned out to be the only affected area of his body (by strep, that is), but his new dr. is convinced that it’s possible to get his tonsils healthy again.  I’m just not sure that I’m patient enough for that to happen–but we’ll try the honey and see what happens for the rest of the weekend, anyway.

Today is Mission Festival at our church and the kids are scheduled to sing, but I suppose that the sick child and I will end up staying home.  I haven’t checked his temp yet, but he didn’t eat much until right before bed, so I can’t imagine that he’ll have the strength to be out and about.  Maybe the other three will attend the potluck afterward, but I’ll be here at home, praying to go into labor!

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2 Responses to The last cabinet

  1. Wow–his temp is down under 100 already! That almost never happens after the first day–it usually has taken a week. 🙂

  2. NO MORE TEMP ALREADY! Must have been a 24-hour bug! And he approves of Domino’s gluten-free pizza.

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