Another night, no baby…

I obviously did not go into labor last night.  I woke up feeling semi-refreshed, however, which is always encouraging.  Maybe today I will get a bigger project done, like scrubbing showers.  They sure could use it!

Last week the kitchen got almost entirely finished.  There are still a few minor things here and there (plus organizing the cabinets).  I don’t have great balance anymore, so I don’t care to do much climbing on stools, which is why I haven’t finished lining, stocking and organizing them.  But, enough of our kitchen things are in the kitchen that it’s just been plain nice.  🙂

I wanted to mention in my last post more about the audio I listened to yesterday from Bible Gateway.  I had set it to play through Ephesians, but I soaked in the tub long enough that Philippians also started up.  I’m not sure which passage it was (since I was just listening to my laptop), but there was something about setting your mind on heavenly things rather than earthly things, and it surely struck a chord with me.  It’s not that I have been completely neglecting my faith and my relationship with God, but I certainly have been quite focused on the baby and the kitchen.  God has had a good plan for those aspects of my life (and others) the whole time, and here I’ve been worrying my silly little head about it.  It’s not that I feel God doesn’t want me to come to Him–I know that He does.  He wants me to lay my requests at His feet.  But, rather than it always being about something pertaining to this life, perhaps it should more often be in regard to eternal life.

So, Lord, thank you for the beautiful witness of faith I hear often from my children.  What a blessing!  I cherish our supper devotion time.  They do, too.  One of them always seems to jump up to grab one of our devotion books if it’s not on the table already.  They listen intently and are eager to answer the questions.  Please keep their joy for Jesus like this forever!

Then there’s this little baby, still content to grow within me.  Please bring him safely through labor and delivery (when it is time) so that we can see the baptismal waters poured out on him as he becomes your child.  Please guard his heart all his life long so that he, too, will have a faith that keeps him eager to be with you forever in heaven.

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