The end of a nice phase

I am finishing up my last preschool afternoon home by myself.  Thank you, Lord, for the three afternoons a week that I have been able to have quiet and rest while Little One was off having fun with friends at preschool!  Tomorrow is not a preschool day, and if Dr. follows through on what she said last week, next week there will be a baby home with me when he’s at school (plus, it sounds like, some company!).

Today I was feeling a bit too emotional to unwind and sleep, but the laundry thanks me for getting up and getting about.

Though I’ve been rattling on and on about my impatience to meet this baby, I want to take this opportunity to state how thankful I am for my situation thus far this school year.  I have shared so many precious moments at home with my Little One.  He is not only one of my precious little children, but being that we spend so much time together, he is also a very dear buddy.  He makes me smile and laugh all the time.  I look ahead at his transition into being a “big brother” with a bit of nervousness, simply because I love who he is and don’t want to shake up his life too much.  I’m sure there will be some aspects for him to work through, but I also think that it will be precious to see him in this new role, too.

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