And, we have a baby!

I finally am getting around to announcing the birth of our third son (and fourth child)!  He was born almost a week ago on Sunday the 18th at 10:17.  He weighed 9 pounds and 9 ounces!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We were all able to come home together on Wed. evening.  Unfortunately, our baby didn’t handle labor well and had to be whisked off to the NICU where he stayed until Wed.  I got discharged Tues. night but was blessed to be able to use a hospital sleep room so that I could feed him through the night (which played a big part in his being discharged Wed. rather than Thursday, as initially indicated).

I’ll admit that when things got scary during labor (within the first few hours), I deeply regretted going ahead with the induction.  While we were alone in the room, I cried my shame to my husband that my selfishness when Baby clearly wasn’t ready to be born had brought all this on (this, meaning his heart rate dropping and not coming back up, after which my room flooded with personnel flipping me onto my hands and knees while I prayed fervently that his heart rate would climb).  After his heart rate decelerated for the second time, I had a dr. in my ear telling me that she had consulted with my dr. and they had determined that an emergency c-section was necessary.  She said they were prepping the room right now, because the longer Baby labored and got stressed out, the more dangerous things would get.  I kept praying while my face was smushed in my pillow and my bottom was up in the air.

Praise God–after 20 minutes in this position, everyone saw that Baby was doing fine.  My dr. said to keep watching and hold off on the C-section.  As the nurse told me later on (when Baby was born), any other dr. would have jumped the gun and done the section.  When I couldn’t be on my hands and knees anymore because I had to get up to use the bathroom, I asked if I could try standing.  Baby’s heart rate was fine.  Eventually I tried sitting on the birthing ball.  Still fine.  After a while, they put me back in bed and I just laid down.  Still fine!  We realized that each time I had sat up to take a bite or a sip, his heart rate had decelerated.  It must have put too much pressure on his cord.

At any rate, I had very long labors with my other three kids, so I suprised everyone greatly when I went from 3 to 10 cm. in under three hours (although my guess is that it happened much faster than that because I was extremely uncomfortable quite suddenly and probably should have been checked a good hour before they did.

Baby’s heart rate continually dropped when I pushed, but they coached me to take big breaths afterward, and his heart rate would come back up.  This convinced my dr. that his cord was an issue, but being that the heart rate came back up, she felt we could continue with the natural delivery.  I was thrilled to be able to “catch” him and hold him on my chest for a few seconds before they had to take him away.  Once he pinked up and they were ready to get him to the NICU, they laid my sweet baby on my chest for a few more seconds so that I could kiss him goodbye.  Oh, how I love him!

Now, I am grateful for having been induced.  When my dr. came in during my recovery period, she said that she believes the guardian angels were watching out for our baby by having me induced.  If I had gone into labor at home, we wouldn’t have been able to monitor how his cord was affecting him.  Her point hit home with me, and I can definitely see how God worked it out for our good that I was in the hospital for my entire labor, where we were fully informed about what was going on and could pinpoint what needed to be done to keep Baby safe.

He is so, so cute.  I think every parent should think so about their own child, so I don’t feel I’m being proud.  🙂

But, he does need me right now, so I had better go.  More on Baby later.

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