Baby wearing, and other joys

This morning I have been “wearing” Baby in the Snugli.  I adore being able to kiss his little head whenever I feel like it.  It’s also nice to have my hands free to keep up with his busy big brother!

The details for his baptism are all getting worked out.  God-willing, he will officially become God’s child this Sunday.

Boy, have my priorities shifted–and it’s such a relief.  Actually, these changes started in the week that I went overdue.  So many things that used to seem important to me were suddenly such a nuisance and waste of time (like certain TV shows that I had been watching and some of the ways I’d use time up on the Internet).  I pray that things stay this way.

In some ways, last week really feels surreal–and I think it did in the moment, too.  Now that we’re home and establishing our new normal amidst the former routines and responsibilities of life, I’m snapped into reality and finding myself immensely grateful for many reasons.

Speaking of reality, if I don’t get up from this computer and see to a few things right now, getting out the door for the preschool run is going to get tight and stressful.  Off I go!

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