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Time together and how we treat one another

What sad news was broadcast yesterday. Thank God that my children had a normal day at school yesterday!  They wore school colors, had fun at a pep rally, got extra recess, and came home to me.  One came home with … Continue reading

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Recovery and whatnot

Soon Baby will be one month old!  I realize that in the grand scheme of a person’s life this isn’t very much time–yet as intentionally as I’ve tried to cherish the moments of his life, I still have to ask … Continue reading

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End of the honeymoon

In about half an hour my baby will officially be 3 weeks old.  With this marker looming, I must also acknowledge the end of our honeymoon phase.  He’s still a very sweet baby, but in the past couple days I’ve … Continue reading

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Grumpy old man noises

I write this post with the “music” of grumpy old man noises in the background, courtesy of my sleeping little baby.  We had a lovely, sleepy morning all snuggled up in the recliner while 4 year old Little One played … Continue reading

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The Blues

No, I’m not talking about a type of music.  This past Friday I experienced a full-fledged case of the Baby Blues.  Everything piled up on me emotionally and everything made me weepy that day.  Amidst my emotional turbulence, I made … Continue reading

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