Grumpy old man noises

I write this post with the “music” of grumpy old man noises in the background, courtesy of my sleeping little baby.  We had a lovely, sleepy morning all snuggled up in the recliner while 4 year old Little One played quietly on the couch beside us and watched some TV.

Oops.  It’s “No TV” week.

Well, technically, the challenge is for our 9-year-old daughter and the rest of her 3rd grade class.  Until today I had limited how much the TV was on during the day when she was gone, but when Little One tripped going up the steps and smacked his poor shin and I realized how tired I was feeling today, I decided it was a good morning to ignore the challenge and just lay low.  I don’t regret it.  Baby and I have an appt. in an hour and won’t get our normal afternoon rest time (or at least I won’t).

At any rate, No TV week has been really great–and I won’t pretend that it didn’t intimidate me.  The days really are going by quickly and we’re all keeping happily busy.  She gets to bring home a board game from school each day, so Monday night we were playing Connect 4 and Tuesday night was Twister.  When she realized that we already own that game, she opted not to bring a game home last night (or maybe didn’t need to since there was Advent church), but pulled out our Twister and it got a little use between her and the older two boys.  She and I also have been knotting friendship bracelets for the girls in her class, and keeping up with reading like we always do.

There’s a big part of me that would love to just cancel the cable subscription and never have the temptation of TV around.  I do love TV, but I am not proud of that.  I look around my home and at my life and know that there are many things that I would much rather do with my time.  I tell myself that the real issue is restraint, and I should have that without needing to be drastic and cancel the channels.  Well anyway, it’s been a fun test this week, and though I haven’t done as well as my daughter, it’s been wonderful to see the kids keeping busy and happy in other ways.

Last night they set blankets up in the living room as tents and were playing some kind of spies and robots game.  Then they helped me put away about 10 loads of laundry.  They all slept hard.

It sounds like Baby is starting to wake up, so I had better wrap this up and make sure I have things organized for our appt. in case he wakes up fussy.  Sometimes I think the grumpy old man noises are a preparation for the temperament a baby will be in when they awaken…but I do find them funny and listen with a smile on my face.

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