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Reflections (not the mirrored kind)

Writing is a major way of reflecting, for me.  I feel that I best process and learn from “life” this way. It’s amazing to think back a year ago.  I was teaching, living the “mad-dash” life.  Scramble to get the … Continue reading

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For Future Reference:

I wish I could bottle up as a formula exactly (well, almost) the way things went in regard to playing for church–at least where it comes to my family! For instance, we bathed the kids and dressed them in their … Continue reading

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Level Three

Yesterday while walking at the YMCA, my husband and I had a great conversation in which we devised Level Three of our meal time points system.  Supper was a success! Level Three works like this: Each individual is to take … Continue reading

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Sometimes life is…

a workout of it’s own! I’m finding that I still just can’t make time each day to do a workout, but I’m realizing that it’s OK.  Some days (as a new mom to four) naturally provide enough movement! For instance, … Continue reading

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A new plan

It recently occurred to me that I’ve been going about my weekly schedule all wrong.  It used to drive me nuts how the house would fall apart during my “organ weeks” (see my previous post entitled “focus” to read about … Continue reading

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Many recollections from my past cause me to flinch with guilt.  How I wish I could undo my mistakes or go back and clear the lenses of my proverbial glasses so that I could have “seen” better at particular points … Continue reading

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no small deal

It’s been REALLY cold out lately–the kind of cold where normally I’d do anything to stay inside, wearing multiple layers (under my bathrobe), and a hat.  It’s not like I’ve been frequently pulling my boots on and taking long walks … Continue reading

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