A New Year, and a look back at the old one

Happy New Year!

I ushered it in asleep in our living room recliner with our baby in my arms.  I didn’t mean to–but I guess I was tired and drifted off to sleep hours before the neighborhood fireworks signalling the new year woke me up.  I put Baby down in his crib, got ready for bed, and enjoyed 4 more hours of sleep before he woke me for a feeding.  That means he slept 7 hours in a row!  WOW!  I’ve never had a newborn do that before.

Even though it was unplanned, I must admit that it was really sweet and nice snuggling with my baby at the start of a new year.  It may very well be the last chance for me in life–although I’ve certainly come to understand that God’s plans for me are often anything unlike what I envision!

Baby is now 6 weeks old.  He had his first time in the YMCA child care yesterday and put up a good fight before drifting off for a short snooze.  It felt REALLY good to walk on the indoor track, and I look forward to more workouts.  I tried jogging down the sidewalk once recently and my body told me to s–l–o–w down, so I think that walking and moderate-intensity aerobics will be my modus operandi for a bit while certain taxed regions recuperate a bit more.  I haven’t officially been cleared for a normal regimen anyway, but will see my doctor at the end of the week.

I have many goals for the New Year, but most are the same as last year.  It’s more of a recommitment to what matters to me than resolutions, per se.  Even though I didn’t always do the best job of meeting those goals last year, I look back and see how blessed we were despite all the things that went wrong.

Baby is really growing.  He sure does look a lot like his siblings, but he also has his own distinct look.  He has a sensitive tummy which has led to a lot of spitting up and quite a bit of fussing, but we’re working at figuring out a good feeding routine to help alleviate his discomfort.

The best thing happened on Christmas Eve, though, and that was during a diaper change at church.  Right beside the changing table is a nice big picture of Jesus’ face.  While wiping his bottom I heard an unfamiliar sound and looked to see him beaming at Jesus, and laughing with great joy.  I hope that I never forgot the look on his face and the sound of his joy.  It was the first time he laughed!

Since then, he has become even more smiley.  His favorite person to smile at is his big sister (who certainly is sweet to him, and deserving of his adoration).

I’m not sure yet how it’s going to happen, but I’m determined that this year big changes will happen for our family when it comes to food.  I’m grateful that our oldest son continues to find more gluten-free foods that he likes, but in reality they all resemble foods he used to eat (crackers, chips, breads, and cookies).  Where I’d like to see more improvement is in fruits, vegetables, and main dishes that are “safe”.  I’ve been working on a system to positively redirect everyone’s attitude about meal times and food, so we’ll see how that works out.  I’ve seen hints already of him getting a bit stressed about it, and I’ve seen in the past how quickly that can accelerate and blow into something major, so I’m praying fervently that this won’t happen and that it can be the start of something positive for him.  I know that it will take a lot of effort, creativity, persistance, and positivity, but I’m praying for continuity in all those areas!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God bless you and yours this year!

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