liar, liar–pants [soaked with spit-up]

So, in the past couple days since posting about the great routine we were in and how much it was helping Baby’s excess spit-ups, Baby has been frantic to eat all day long and then proceeds to spit it up when I allow closer feedings.  Knowing that growth spurts happen, I finally relented and gave feedings even as close as 1 1/2 hours apart, but it only seems to help the issue 1/2 the time.  The other times he seems over-filled and restless.

This is happening today.  A dear friend kindly invited my 4-year-old over to play for the morning, and knowing that Baby hadn’t napped yet today I had grand visions of the MANY things I should do or want to do; however, Baby has proceeded to fight sleep all morning long.  I’ll change his diaper.  I’ll bounce him.  I’ll stand by the white noise machine.  I’ll put him in the swing.  I’ll swaddle him.  I’ll unswaddle him.  I finally relented and fed him after 2 hours since the last feed.  He spit up EVERYWHERE–which is no small deal right now because I’m behind on laundry and have nothing else that fits to change into…thus the title of my post.  He’s making a liar out of me!  Ah, such is how it is with children.  You figure them out and then they go and grow/change on you!  🙂

Now here the morning is practically over, and I have virtually accomplished nothing.  It’s time to start finding a bright side!

I DID get a shower.  I did send an email.  I did unload the dishwasher and start refilling it.  While doing these things and feeding Baby I have gotten to watch a couple HGTV shows that I had DVR’d.

I guess I have to really focus in on that little list and be grateful and just tune out the massive list of “unfinished” items.  Maybe envisioning the precious smiles Baby gave me earlier this morning will help melt all that other stuff away…

The thing with having a baby is the great shift in control.  Because he’s completely dependant on me, my life completely revolves around what he needs.  I don’t control MY life–I control his.  His life controlls mine!  Much of the time I’m ok with that, but because I’m a sinful human being I definitely have moments where I lose it a little bit and pout about how powerless feel at that point in time.  In reality, I want God to control my life anyway, so it’s better that the job isn’t mine…

The thing I have to remember is that everything which truly matters will be attended to.  Yes–the laundry does need attention, but in truth there’s a mountain of already clean laundry needing to be sorted out, and hopefully it’ll work out to have the big kids help me with that tonight.  My husband has a very busy night, so the kids and I just have to hang out here anyway.  Throwing in a load of laundry doesn’t take that much time, so there’s every reason to believe that I should be able to accomplish a few more loads throughout the day.

As for exercise, another thing bugging me (because of the lack thereof the past few days), I have options for how I can achieve that.  If I have to do it in 5-10 min. spurts between Baby’s fitfulness, so be it.  I have any number of videos, our Bowflex Treadclimber, or just flights of stairs that I could squeeze in and work at throughout the day.  The temperature is supposed to be pretty mild today, so I could even try strapping him in the Snugli and head outside for a walk.  Maybe the sidewalks are even clear enough to use a stroller.

I have gotten SOME housecleaning done this week.  Mostly it’s just seems like the house has been cluttered up and we haven’t had the time to properly attend to it (these are REALLY busy weeks during the basketball season) but decluttering is another thing that can be done in small bits.

The main thing is that I have to be ok with interruptions!  I know I mentioned that in my last post, but I think it needs to be my mantra right now until I truly am ok with interruptions and can quit preaching that to myself.

I love my baby boy.  He is precious, sweet, endearing, and growing so much every week.  It’s hard to remember that in those frustrating moments when time is tight and Baby won’t cooperate, but in the end I need to remember that the world won’t end if I’m late for something, only have dirty clothes to wear, or have a million pieces of cereal on the dining room floor!  What does matter is how I choose to act in those frustrating moments, and when I remember that I can never do them over, I hope that I will choose my actions wisely and be patient, gentle, and loving.  Please help me with that, Lord!

And, He ALWAYS provides (in His own way).  For example, while typing this post Baby fell asleep in the swing–swaddled and listening to white noise.  Those are elements that often lead to good, long, deep sleeps.  While I’m hesitant to get my hopes up, the least I can do is get a move-on and use the time that I get.  So, off I go to tackle my list and see how far I get.  Blessings to you on your to-do’s, today!

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