If you were hoping to read about a cute, fuzzy, non-bear, you’re reading the wrong post.  I promised a few days ago that I would talk more about our eldest son’s latest appointment (working with his health and behavioral issues), so believe it or not, here’s that info!  Baby’s still asleep, so this is going to qualify as my “down time” rather than napping today.

When we went back to the new clinic, we were scheduled to see the homeopathic dr. from the practice.  She performed something called an e-map.  Our son held a metal tube in one hand and she used a pen-like device on different spots of his other hand.  These devices sensed electrical impulses throughout his body, giving her information about where there was inflammation and other issues in his body.  It turns out that pretty much everything is inflamed right now.  One thing they often find at their practice is that heavy metals are highly present in the child, but that was not a factor for our son.  It did show that allergies are quite a problem for him, so I guess we’ll also have to follow up on that to figure out which environmental allergies he’s struggling with.  I can’t say that I’m surprised to discover this, as I’ve always wondered if that might be why his tonsils get enlarged so often.

The other thing that was not a surprise was to hear that his latest bloodwork showed that his immune system is constantly fighting strep.  You might assume that this is the final straw in our decision as to whether or not we should have his tonsils out, but apparently we have to be certain that the strep is contained to his tonsils.  I get it–it’s not like we would remove every organ infested with the bacteria.  It’s just that I thought the other dr. had told us that it was not a systemic infection…but the homeopathic dr. has shown to have a different take on some of the levels the results show, such as our son’s yeast levels.  The homeopathic dr. was concerned about those.

Anyway, based on the results of the e-map and blood work, the homeopathic dr. consulted with the founder of the practice (who is very renowned for his work with those who have behavioral and developmental issues, such as autism).  This dr. wanted to see our son but knew that a couple minutes between patients wouldn’t cut it, so he asked us to schedule with him.  It sounds like they are suspecting that our son is dealing with something called PANDAS, which stands for Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Streptococcal infections.  I have a lot to learn about PANDAS, but my basic understanding is that due to the level of infection, the Strep ends up having a chemical effect on the brain, leading to OCD or autistic-like symptoms.

What’s interesting to me is that a while before starting to work with the new medical practice for our son, my sister mentioned that she had heard of PANDAS and thought it reminded her of our son.  Way to diagnose, sis!  🙂

Unfortunately, we can’t see this dr. until June.  That is just unacceptable to me.  We’re on a waiting list, but I don’t know what to do in the meanwhile.  The homeopathic dr. gave us a couple remedies to use, and I’m PRAYING that they work.  They are tiny melt-away globules, but it’s a very BIG deal for our son to take them.  We’re working at it.  Please, please, please work!

In the meanwhile, I’ve been in contact with the place where we used to go for feeding therapy.  They wanted that to go on the backburner in favor of other therapies and we hadn’t followed up on that.  Now things have shifted since it’s critical for our son to be on a 4-day rotation diet so that he doesn’t continue becoming sensitive to foods.  They are eager to get us started up with therapy a.s.a.p.  We are eager to get that help, but I’ll admit that it’s financially overwhelming since we are in the process of buying a new vehicle, paying off our living room furniture, and just paid to have flooring updated in 4 rooms and completely renovating the kitchen.  I know I just said in the last post that God provides, but at the same time, money doesn’t flow out of the faucet!

At any rate, that’s where we are with our son.  Time will tell whether or not these homeopathic remedies are helping.  The last couple times he’s gotten sick after about 6 weeks whereas over the summer it was every 3 weeks.  He was sick a couple weeks before Christmas, so now I just start waiting for him to say he’s cold and his head hurts.

I’d better wake up Baby for a feed.  I’m careful not to let him sleep through a feed during the day, or else we won’t get those nice long stretches at night!

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