A settled fog

I’ve probably said this before, but exercise has quite a hold over me.  From time to time, I wish that weren’t the case–but every time I try to pretend it isn’t true, it backfires on me and I later end up kicking myself.

When I’m not exercising daily (ok, a skipped day once in a while doesn’t seem to have major repercussions), little by little my stress starts to build.  I’m less patient, less focused, less cheerful.

Last Friday I was in SUCH a funk.  My brain kept perseverating on the same few negative issues, and I was plain grouchy.  By evening, I laid baby in his bouncy seat by our Bowflex Treadclimber, strapped on my inside shoes, and got walking.  He happily sat there for the first almost-20 minutes.  Daughter came and rescued him for 10 more minutes.  As those minutes ticked on, I felt that fog lift from my brain, and I changed.  I became MYSELF again.

Hubby and I also walked at the YMCA the next morning.  Yesterday I didn’t get much exercise, but I got a bit.  The kiddos and I were in hubby’s classroom waiting for his men’s b-ball game to start.  By the time I thought about just walking up and down the rows of desks and down the nearby stretch of hallway, there were only 20 minutes until the game.  I used those 20 minutes anyway, and it was better than nothing.  Baby was happy to be stretched out watching all this conspire.

I’ve had a slow start to my day when it became apparent that our daughter wasn’t herself and wasn’t going to school, so I need to start somewhere and get momentum in this day.  I’m also starting up piano lessons again after school, so I’m going to really need to prioritize so that I’m prepared and not scrambling.

Anyway, the main point in all this is to remind myself that exercise (for me) DOES need high priority!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Baby is happily swinging (and probably sleeping) at the moment, so now could be an opportunity to get that exercise.  I’d better go.  Here’s a prayer for no interruptions for my workout, and that my readers might have the chance to get in a workout, too.  And here’s a secret–I really look FORWARD to my daily workouts.  How weird am I?  Thanks for putting up with me!  🙂

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