A morning for the record books

Wow, what a pleasant surprise this day has been!

It was a very late night and then an interrupted sleep, so I’m extra thankful for how this day has progressed.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get much exercise the past couple days, so it felt really great to set Baby up nearby in his bouncy seat and then walk on our Bowflex Treadclimber for half an hour.  After tending to Baby and then tucking him in for a short nap, I was able to get half an exercise video done and then finished the other 15 minutes while Baby bounced and watched me.  He even stayed happy there long enough for me to get showered and dressed (although by then he was feeling ready to get out).  What a difference today has been than last Thursday!

My preschooler and I have even had lunch, so now all we really have to do is keep on top of time so that we get out the door for preschool early enough that we don’t have to scramble.  Unless Baby wakes up and has a huge blowout, we should be just fine.

Yesterday I buckled him into his carseat swaddled and he slept through the whole preschool trip.  He had already been sleeping and continued to sleep for quite some time after the trip, too.  So, right now he is sleeping swaddled and I hope to have the same success today.

I was also hoping for a BIG nap this afternoon to compensate for the short night–but something’s got to give somewhere, and I have the funny feeling that afternoon sleep might just be that “thing”.  Thursday nights are really full, so being rested up would make a big difference.  I have a piano lesson to give after school, too, so I’ll have to be careful to pace things so that Baby is fed, changed, and settled during the lesson.  Thankfully it’s only 30 minutes (although half a minute can feel like forever when Baby is inconsolable).

I do much less dread the preschool trips right now because it’s just plain fun to drive our “new” minivan.  I have a lot to figure out about it, but it’s exciting.

I hope that you’ve had a productive day so far, too!  Thank you, God, for granting it to me (and thank you, Baby, for being such a trooper)!

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