continued blessings

Wow, I have SO much to be grateful for today!

Baby did get a bit fussy before our preschool trip, but settled down once his car seat was buckled in and even fell asleep on the return trip.  I put his car seat in his brothers’ bedroom with the sound machine running and he slept ALL afternoon!  This means that I got a really great nap!

Then, he woke up just before my piano lesson was to start, but was in a great mood.  I brought his car seat out by the piano and he happily remained in there until the very end of the lesson.

Once the “big” kids got home from school, I helped my daughter bake a cake–for fun.  Some of us enjoyed a slice as a bedtime snack.

I even got the older three bathed and into clean beds–all without any major screaming fits from Baby.  And did I mention that he peacefully drifted off to sleep in his swing during devotion tonight at supper time?

To quote the words from a favorite childhood song (done by the Maranatha kids, from a “Kids Praise” album with Psalty, the singing song book): “Whoa!  I give the glory unto God!”  🙂

Some day I’ll look back at this day and just smile.  Maybe some of you are already thinking, “She’s excited about only accomplishing THAT?”  The answer is a resounding “YES!”  Sure, in other phases of life, I’d be itching to get much more done.  But, today I find myself incredibly grateful!

I even killed a spider without screaming or having a panic attack!!!!!!!!!!!

Now I’m just praying that everything isn’t going to fall apart tonight, like have someone wake up with the flu or Baby having a restless night.  As of now, all four kids are tucked in and peaceful.

Lord, thank you for the gift of a quite-smooth day!

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