one thing’s certain

Each day in this life uncertainty crops up.  It takes many different forms–some more distressing than others.

Thank God for one certain thing–His love.  Because of Jesus’ perfect life, death, and resurrection, I know that heaven awaits me!

Many things lately have left me feeling uncertain (health, finances, matters related to my husband’s job, parental approach…), wondering which path my earthly life should/will take.  It’s easy to get consumed and be overwhelmed.

When I woke up this morning and saw that my children had fixed the breakfast table (wonderfully), I looked at them with a fresh perspective and just thought, “WOW–I have FOUR kids!”  I couldn’t stop looking from one face to the next.

Are my kids perfect?  No.  (I’m DEFINITELY not, either).  Do I love them?  YES!  I can’t guarantee much of anything for them in life other than that, unfortunately, they will face disappointments.  They will be hurt.  God willing, they will also discover many joys in their earthly lives…but the main thing is that our hurts turns us to God for comfort, and our joys turn us to him in praise.

God’s love is the one certain “thing” we can always count on without fail–no matter how questionable our lives have become.  His promises never get broken.  His Word remains the same.  What a firm foundation to build our family on!  With that said, why not start our day with God’s Word?  I’m off to grab a devotion book.  Blessings on your day!  🙂

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