A new plan

It recently occurred to me that I’ve been going about my weekly schedule all wrong.  It used to drive me nuts how the house would fall apart during my “organ weeks” (see my previous post entitled “focus” to read about how, thankfully, my perspective about playing for worship has shifted–but the reference above sprouted from negative past attitudes).  Now I realize that it’s just the way it’s going to be–to an extent–and that I would be better off planning for it to happen.

So, I decided to make it my goal to clean my house top-to-bottom once a month.  That just feels realistic for now, with a new baby and my resolve to keep up with other aspects of life (like playing for church and giving some piano lessons).  I still do my best each week to get done what I can around the house, taking a few “free” minutes here or there to tidy up a clutter zone or dash about the house making it all look a bit better than before.

I also aim to do what I learned to refer to as a “Home Blessing Hour”.  Mine never last only an hour, but the goal is to hustle through your home and make it cleaner.  I have a hard time allowing myself to do a quick job of it, and that’s why I often run over…but these Home Blessing Hours can be GREAT workouts that also benefit your family and your home (and your sanity–although I speak for myself and suppose this might not be such a big deal to others).

Allowing myself to NOT have to focus on the house during a so-called “organ week” has been making it easier for me to be ok with things getting a bit messier.  In truth, I’ll never be “OK” with messes–but I also realize that with kids in the picture, messes are a natural occurrance, and if I can’t take much time to devote towards helping them deal with those messes (or do it myself), then so be it.

So, my tentative plan now (which will change a million times before I die, most likely) is to do a detailed house cleaning the week after an “organ week”.  During the organ week itself, I’ll just be completely flexible and prioritize what most needs attention each day based on the time left in the day to see to it.  The other two weeks of the month (since I typically only play organ once a month) can be Home Blessing Hour weeks, and maybe I’ll be able to do SOME detailed cleaning here and there (or other “special projects”) those weeks, as well.

I like having a plan, but I find that I have to be willing to be very flexible, since I’m a mom.  That’s not always very easy for me…and there are instances when it’s good to retain a schedule and fight hard to meet it, as long as you’re not wearing blinders to the flashing neon sign reading, “You have to let it go–it’s not worth the repercussions…”

I could give all too many examples of what I mean by that, but perhaps you have one or two of your own that you can just envision instead of having to add my lovely failures to your recollections!!!!

While I look forward to straightening up this house next week, I’m just going to keep fighting back the urge to get up and wipe those spots on the floor which keep drawing my attention!  I’ll just allow my focus to be on what I’m doing to prepare for services this weekend, in addition to the everyday things my family needs (like clean clothes, dishes, and food on the table).

Feel free to share how you manage your home with your ever-fluctuating schedules!

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