no small deal

It’s been REALLY cold out lately–the kind of cold where normally I’d do anything to stay inside, wearing multiple layers (under my bathrobe), and a hat.  It’s not like I’ve been frequently pulling my boots on and taking long walks out there, but I’m thankful for one matter of mentality that, in my opinion, is no small deal–I WANT to get out there (to drive our new minivan).  I recall times in previous years dreading having to go out in the cold even more with having to bundle up a baby, but not now!!!

So, Lord, I know I’ve been thanking you over and over as I’m out and about, driving, but I’m taking another moment to officially PAUSE and say “thank you” for providing this vehicle for my family!

Yesterday it took us (some of us) on a pretty fun outing–to a local ice arena for a preschool ice skating field trip.  My four-year-old had a great keep-at-it attitude for the first half (or more) and really was even getting the hang of it.  I skated at parks quite often in the winters growing up, so though I was rusty (and so were the dull blades on my skates), I did all right, too.  Note to self: get blades sharpened and wear double socks next time!  🙂

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