For Future Reference:

I wish I could bottle up as a formula exactly (well, almost) the way things went in regard to playing for church–at least where it comes to my family!

For instance, we bathed the kids and dressed them in their church clothes (which were as comfy as possible, like sweaters and elastic-waisted dress pants) last night.  We used to do this a lot when I played and they were littler, but even though they can dress themselves now it was nice to have one less “thing” they needed to accomplish in the morning!  I dressed Baby in his church outfit and put a bigger-sized diaper around his normal-sized diaper to help catch a mid-night blowout, if there was one (there wasn’t).  We zipped him up in a sleeper sack and then swaddled him.  I laid Baby down to sleep at 9 p.m., and he fell asleep on his own.  He didn’t wake up until 4:45 a.m.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I, on the other hand, didn’t sleep all that time.  My body would wake me up, saying, “Shouldn’t you normally be doing something right about now?”  Anyway, Baby must have really liked being warm, because we haven’t had a sleep like that since earlier in the month.  None of my other babies slept like that until they were closer to one (if not older)!

I had my alarm set for 5 a.m., so I just shut it off when I heard him, fed him, and put him in his crib.  I had a quick breakfast, fixed a bottle, and headed out the door to church.  I was there, practicing, until about 6:40 a.m. and then I came home to get showered and dressed after fixing breakfast on the table for the kids.  I refilled Baby’s bottle (I’m so grateful to my friend for loaning me her very nice double electric pump!) and then we just had to wake him, unswaddle him, unzip him from his sleeper sack, and put on a clean diaper.  Off we went to church, before 7:30.

I had arranged for a friend (whose kids are older) to help out with the kids.  She planned to be at the service anyway (and be there early) since her daughter’s class was singing.  So, I quietly played the hymns and some of my second service music to warm up until it was about time to start my preservice.  I HAD planned to spend my time during Bible Class back at church practicing those pieces/hymns, but I ended up needing to drop the family off and then go back home to prepare another bottle, so I’m glad that the Lord put the idea in my head before church.

Also, backing up a bit, I was able to take Baby out of the service for part of the sermon to feed him.  After such a big sleep he was a very hungry boy, so my friend had to finish up with his bottle during the rest of the service since I could tell that the sermon was wrapping up and I needed to get back to playing.

I delivered the bottle over to Bible Class and went back for second service.  My husband and the kids stayed over at school for a couple hours and the kids helped him set up the gym for tonight’s men league b-ball games, and they played some b-ball themselves while Baby napped in his car seat.  I picked them up after the service, and shortly after we got back home, Baby was awake and happy to see me to help with that long-night-sleep-calorie-deficit.  🙂

Thank you, Lord, for working everything out so smoothly!  I greatly appreciate the lack of hiccups for my family (I’m proofreading this and find my wording funny–I must have picked it subconsciously because Baby currently HAS the hiccups), because that sort of stress could have thrown my playing a bit, but for the most part all the musical things went well enough.  Thank you!!!

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1 Response to For Future Reference:

  1. shannon says:

    So happy that I had a moment tonight to read some of your blog! 🙂 I even found a reference to me that made me feel oh-so-special! (Your public thank-you to your friend) It is so nice to read this, because you are such a great writer and because it helps me to get to know you better as a friend. 🙂 Great Job, Janna! You have so much to be thankful for. God has equipped you so well for being a great momma and wife!!! 🙂

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